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What they say

Michael & I worked together around messaging and branding for ReadTheory. Had a great time working with him both personally and professionally. Michael is methodical, creative, and proactive. Through his process, we were able to pinpoint our strengths and highlight them to our users.

I highly recommend Michael's service. He does a great and thorough job, he did in-depth research on my business, and provided an incredibly professional service that helped me promote the marketing of my flutes.

Michael, with Gladhat on his head, helped us sky rocket our business with his suggested branding.
He was able to spot our weaknesses, understand our market and come up with the best branding for us, which fits our company culture, the market situation and the most important thing- turned out to be appealing to our customers. After the new branding our conversion KPIs sky rocketed and it's thanks to Michael and Gladhat.

Guy Asherov
Peacock App

Michael led a fundraising campaign in Tech2Peace as well as helped dozens of times with copywriting, marketing strategies and more. He is very professional with a great attitude who's very goal determined. I totally recommend anyone to hire his great services or having him in any team!

Tomer Cohen

Ron Kirschenbaum,
Managing Partner
ReadTheory& Pomador

Ariel Louis
Fine Woodwind Instruments

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