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Precise Targeting and Psychedelic Therapy

We know from marketing various products that precise targeting is vital. We are a new company and in recent discussions about which types of businesses we are truly interested in working with, we came up with two key areas of interest - psychedelic therapy and cleantech. Both these fields happen to be cases where the good of humanity and business interests have the clear potential to be closely aligned.

We chose to begin with psychedelic therapy. It is a field that requires particular sensitivity and we know we must approach it with respect. We decided to enter the arena by creating a knowledge base about the subject for ourselves and for others. We chose to make a podcast called as part of the knowledge base, where we will benefit from Michael Bloom’s considerable podcast creation abilities, to talk to patients, therapists, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and investors. We will explore the changing global map of legislation, the significance of new research, how the market develops, and the evolving cultural significance. The change in attitude about psychedelics is astounding. One generation ago, for many such things were taboo. Even ten years ago, psychedelic healing generally meant a trip to peru to sit with shamen in a forest. Few imagined that today companies developing psilocybin-based medicines would be traded on the stock market and in parts of the USA you can receive online preparation for psychedelic therapy from a trained therapist and then be couriered a dose of ketamine for use at home.

Right now we are in the process of producing our first round of interviews. Naturally, we’ll be delighted to announce when they are available for viewing.

We will also be opening up the opportunity for other people to contribute to our knowledge base.

You might want to look at the series of teaser images below which we created to set out the concept of You can also follow our instagram page.

Feel free to drop us a line if you would like to know more.

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