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Let’s look at your brand in the context of your key competitors. 

We must understand the minds of your existing and potential customers. What makes them think and behave as they do?

When we’ve answered these questions, we can effectively communicate the essence of what your brand has to offer.

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Your branding must present your essential offering in an inspiring and relevant way.

The main selling point of the Emeo is that allows saxophone players to practice in silence. The aim of this advertisement used in social media and in print was to inform saxophone players that the Emeo will allow them to practice without disturbing people – something of particular importance during the coronavirus lockdowns.

Script and voiceover

The aim of the video was to introduce the Emeo and to show the main features and benefits of the instrument.

Video production: Ilya Yakovlev

Website copywriting:


Website was produced by Ilya Yakovlev

P.R Campaign


For the Emeo launch articles were publish in Ynet, The Jerusalem Post and a variety of other publications. A full list can be seen here.

Script and Presentation of Instructional Video

Video was produced by Ilya Yakovlev